Customer value - added value

As a manufacturer of circular knitted fabrics for fashion, but now predominantly for technical applications, we see ourselves as a specialist for high-quality and tailor made-fabrics. We are regarded as a reliable supplier for various sectors and industries. The customer benefit is seen in a flexible use of a highly versatile machine park and a large product portfolio.Here we can benefit on years of experience and well-established products. Active participation as an industry partner to AIF-research projects of the german textile institutes guarantees developments "ahead by a nose". The cost advantage for our customers located in the flat and flexible organization. The customer receives quick and accurate information about offers, delivery, cost limits and interdisciplinary knowledge. Added value primarily by linking research, development, production and sales from a single source. Cooperation with tactical partners, and other production partners and the practice, working closely with leading German textile research institutes resulting synergies for us and our customers.

Our Stitch - Your success